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 Free Rider2

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PostSubject: Free Rider2   Wed Aug 24, 2011 8:27 pm

This is a fun game where you always get to save your track.

Share your tracks here too.

One of mine:

Wolf Rescue
-18 1i 18 1i 18 8e,-18 1i -8o 1i,-u -5a -u -76 -92 -76 -92 1i -ne 1i -no 1i -2a2 tc -2fc tc -2fc pk,-u -76 a -9c -7g -9c -7g -68 -7g -1s,a -9c a -76 -u -5a,-92 1i -8o 1i,-7g -9c -92 -76 -no -76,-92 -5k -8e -5k -8e -18 -8e 1i,-8e -18 -7g -18 -76 -1i -7g -18 -7g 1i,-8e -1i -76 -1i -76 1i,-76 -1i -7q -18,-7q -1i -7q -18,-7g -1i -7g -18,-84 -1i -84 -18,-84 -1i -8e -18 -92 -k,-7q -1i -84 -18,-7g -1i -7q -18,-92 -5k -84 -68 -7g -68 -8e -5k,-8e -50 -7g -5k,-7g -4m -8e -42,-7g -26 -7g -1i,2g 1i 2g 8e 2g d4 68 d4 io 3e t2 3e u0 3e u0 cg 11e cg 11o cg 12m cg 12m kk 12m li 14s li 156 li 156 f0 18a f0 1e8 de 1go de 1ia de 1ia rq 1ts rq 1ts 17c 236 17c 236 12c 2d6 12c 2d6 18a 2hi 18a 2hi r6,2g 1i 8o 1i 9c 1i d4 1i d4 -ie -76 -ie,8o 1i 8o -1s 8g -1h,9c 1i 9c -1s 8o -1s,8f -1h 86 -1f 80 -1p 7u -2v,7u -30 8a -47 92 -4t,93 -4u 9p -50,9q -50 ac -4l,ac -4n as -44 b7 -33,b7 -32 b3 -2g ar -22,ap -22 ab -1n,ac -1o 9q -1m,9p -1o 98 -1p,18 84 18 f0 68 f0 cg aa j2 5a t2 5a t2 cg t2 ec 11o ec 11o kk 11o n4 164 n4 164 gs 18a gs 1dk fk 1go fk 1go o2 1go rq 148 rq,68 d4 bs 8o,-76 -io -76 -ie,t2 5k t2 5a,1ts 1c2 19i 1c2 11e 1c2 so 1c2 o2 1c2,11e rq 148 rq,11e rq 11e 17c so 17c so 13k li 13k li 17c hg 17c hg 13a 9m 13a 9m 180 u 180 -4c 180 -fk 180 -i4 180 -ls 180 -ls 148 -ls 10g,1ts 1c2 236 1c2 2c8 1c2 2d6 1c2 2hs 1c2 35i 1c2 35i tm 35i rq 35i r6 2hi r6,2sf 1c0 2t7 1bm 2u1 1bc 2uu 1av 2vq 1ah 30n 1a2 31f 19j 326 18v 32m 182 32t 170 331 163 332 150 32t 13r 32o 12q 32f 11n 320 10r 31c 101 30k va 2vp ur 2uu uf 2tr u7 2sr u3 2rm u1 2qh u5 2pe u9 2ob uf 2na uo 2m9 v5 2le vl 2km 109 2k0 10u 2je 11j 2iu 12c 2il 137 2if 144,oc 1c2 hg 1c2 au 1c2 9m 1c2 u 1c2 -4c 1c2 -fu 1c2 -fu 1n0 -hg 1n0,qs 1aq mq 1aq,ep 1c2 e4 1bu df 1bn cu 1ba cg 1ar,cd 1as cd 1c4,cg 1aq c6 1c2,5u 1b4 4c 1b4,5u 1b4 6b 1au,5u 1aq 6b 1b1,6a 1b1 70 1b1,-4c 1c2 -a0 1ag -a0 1c2,-hg 1c2 -ls 1c2 -u0 1c2,-11o 1c2 -tc 1c2,-11o 1c2 -1be 1c2,-hg 1c2 -hg 1n0,-ls 10q -ls li -1p6 li -1p6 1i0 -1p6 228 -1p6 23q,-1b4 1c2 -1mm 1c2 -1mm 278 -1ts 278,-1p6 22i -1p6 228,-1c2 13k -1da 16o -1h2 19s,-1c2 13k -1ag 16e -1bo 1ag,-1c2 13k -18a uk,-15q rq -130 p0 -114 om,-130 p0 -130 tm -v8 122,-130 p0 -10g t2 -rq v8,-nm 1c1 -oa 1bv -p1 1bq -ps 1bj -qp 1ba -rl 1b2 -sj 1ao -td 1ad -u6 1a1 -v3 19j -vs 194 -10m 18i -11c 17t -11u 17a -12h 16j,-12g 16j -132 163 -13d 15f,-13d 15b -13e 1c2,-119 om -11j of -11r na -11g m5 -10k ln,-10m lh -v7 lr,-v8 ls -ua n0 -u3 o9,-u3 oc -ua q0,-u9 q1 -uv qp -vn qt,-vj qt -10l q1 -11a oo,-v7 qs -111 os -u4 ph,-uh pb -uu qb -uu pb,-v0 p4 -ve q7,-vf q7 -vl p4,-ur n0 -uv n4,-uv n6 -v0 ng,-uv ng -uk nn -ug n9 -uk mt,-uk n0 -uv n4,-7g -9c -mg -9c -no -76,-7g -92 -7g -9c,-2m8 rq -1ts 278,-2m8 rl -2mi qo -2mt po -2n6 or -2n9 nn -2n7 mj -2n5 lg -2mp k6 -2md is -2lc hp -2jr h9 -2ie gu -2gv gr -2fd h1 -2e1 hc -2cp hr -2bk ih -2ak j8#-u 1i -u -5a,a -76 a 1i,2g 1i 18 1i,1ia rq 1go rq,11e 17c 11e 1bo,1ts 1c2 1ts 17c,2d6 18a 2d6 1c2,236 17c 236 1c2,25c 1c2 26a 1b4 27s 1b4 286 1aq 27s 1ag,26a 1b4 260 1c2,26a 1b4 260 19s,27s 1b4 286 1c2,27s 1b4 27s 1c2,286 1aq 28q 1aq,24o 1c2 252 1aq 24e 1a6,252 1aq 25c 1c2,252 1aq 26u 19s 278 198 26u 18u,26u 19s 26k 1b4,26u 19s 278 1b4,252 1aq 26a 1b4,278 198 27s 198,2hi 18a 2hi 1c2,11e 1be 11e 1c2,so 17c so 1c2,li 17c li 1c2,hg 172 hg 1c2,mg 1c2 mq 1aq,qs 1aq rg 1c2,qs 1aq rg 1a6,ne 19s mq 1aq,o1 1a5 nt 1a5,ns 1a5 nl 1aa nu 1al o9 1ag,oa 1ad o0 1a3,oq 1aa og 1ad oh 1aj ov 1al,or 1ap p4 1aa ol 1aa,ps 1ac ph 1ac pg 1am,ph 1ar pr 1ao,ps 1al q0 1ag,pt 1ad pn 1ac,qg 1ac q5 1ag q9 1am qo 1ai,qm 1ai qh 1aa,ne 19s rq 19s se 1aq,rq 19s rg 1a6,o2 1aq oc 1be,9m 180 9m 1c2,4c 1b4 3o 1be 34 1be,4c 1b4 4m 1c2,5u 1b4 5k 1bo 5a 1bo,5u 1b4 68 1c2,4c 1b4 34 1aq,u 180 u 1c2,-fu 1c2 -hg 1c2,-lk 1aq -m1 1ba -m1 1b7 -mv 1ba,-ln 1aq -lg 1bi -m2 1c5,-lm 1av -k0 1b3 -kd 1bj -l0 1bv,-jv 1b4 -jo 1ba -k9 1c3,-k5 1b1 -jj 1am -ik 1an,-ji 1aj -jo 1ah,-lo 1at -n0 1aa,-hd 19t -hq 1aa -i8 1a7,-hg 19t -h7 1a7,-h9 1a7 -ht 1aq,-he 19n -gb 19q,-g4 19q -ge 1a8,-gb 1aa -gv 1ad,-g5 19l -fp 1ag -ge 1aq,-g6 19k -fj 199 -eu 19c,-fl 19b -g1 18u,-hf 19k -hu 194,-15q rh -18f uo,-15q rn -15t rh,-1ag 16e -1cc 1c2,-1h2 19s -1ji 1c2,-mg -92 -mg 1i,-mg -8o -mg -9c,-no -76 -no 1i,-em a -f0 1i,-em a -ec -a -ec -u -ec -1i,-ec -a -e2 a -e2 1i,-ec -u -fa a -fu k,-ec -u -do 0 -do u,-eb -1i -e2 -1j,-e2 -1j -e4 -1v,-e1 -1v -e8 -2g,-e8 -2f -ep -2f,-ep -2f -f1 -1v -ev -1c,-ev -19 -ee -1f,-eu -17 -el -1f -ei -1q,-et -22 -ep -23,-ep -22 -eq -1s,-er -1q -es -1t,-eu -1q -ev -23,-i2 -13 -hm -10,-hl -13 -hq -b,-hk -j -hn -a -hk -a,-hj -a -hg -o,-hi -r -hm -m,-hf -o -hd -a,-hd -d -h2 -k -h1 -t,-hs 1 -i2 -1,-i3 0 -i2 7 -hs d -i3 g,-hj q -hk -1,-hj -1 -he e,-he a -hj b,-hd -4 -h9 d -gv -8,-go -2 -gu 1 -gv e -gp 7,-gu d -gr m -gn b,-gi b -gg -5,-gf -8 -g9 0,-g9 -2 -gd 8,-gd a -gj e,-hn m -i2 11,-hv 11 -hm 1i,-hh t -he 1c,-he 19 -h7 u,-h9 t -h5 1d,-gt s -h2 u,-h1 s -gu 13,-gu 10 -gk u,-gr 10 -gr 1a -gj 16,-gt 19 -gq 1d -gg 1f,-gf 1c -gg s -gc 14,-gd 10 -gc p,-gb n -ga 1c,-g7 a -g7 p,-g4 19 -g6 14,-g5 14 -g6 1f,-hg -p -hk -h,-hv u -i5 1d,-1p6 23q -1p6 278#B -2bn is 44,B -2cj ic 3t,B -2dh i3 39,B -2en hk 38,B -2ft he 39,B -2hh ha 32,B -2jl hj 2c,B -2l3 if 22,B -2m8 jc 1f,B -2mr lj e,B -2mm nr b3,B -2m2 q6 ar,B -2l5 sa ae,B -2ig 11e ad,B -1ts 260 a6,B -25m 1na aa,B -22s 1sa a9,B -202 21a a9,T -fu k,T -176 t3,T -de 19s,T 2ij 15b,B 2ip 13i 5k,B 2j1 12e 5o,B 2jh 11l 6e,B 2kc 111 6m,B 2l7 10f 6v,B 2mf vn 7d,B 2o8 ut 7p,B 2pk ui 7u,B 2qo ue 8b,B 2rs ub 84,B 2t3 u4 83,B 2u0 ug 8j,B 2vb uo 8q,B 30d vh 91,B 30t 109 9s,B 31p 113 aa,B 32a 12m ap,B 32b 157 b5,B 327 171 4,B 31r 188 l,B 310 19b 12,B 2v6 1a9 1l,B 2sp 1b9 24,G 15q mq b8,G 172 f0 5k,G 6s do 1o,G k0 50 5k,G k0 4m 5k,G k0 42 5k,G k0 3o 5k

Site: http://freerider-game.com/flash/freerider2.swf

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Free Rider2
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