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 Ship Upgrades

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Character Name : Lemonika
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PostSubject: Ship Upgrades   Wed Sep 07, 2011 10:26 pm

Welcome to my shop.

Here you can buy upgrades for your ships (as long as you already own them).

List of upgrades:
Machine Guns-50 Credits
Extra Seat (Full Ship only)-210 Credits
Proton Bombs-160 Credits
Remote Controlled Torpedoes-300 Credits
EMP Pulse-500 Credits
EMP Heat Seeker-490 Credits
EMP Torpedoes-50 Credits
Night Vision (full ship only)-1600 Credits-Example:
Time Machine (full ship only)-3000 Credits

To Buy an Upgrade, please fill out this form:
[list][*]What Ship do you want to Upgrade (You must own the ship)?
[*]What Seat do you want to Upgrade (doesn't count for upgrade that have full ship only next to the upgrade)?
[*]What upgrade do you want (You're only allowed one at a time)
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Ship Upgrades
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