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 New Group Coming Soon

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PostSubject: New Group Coming Soon   Tue Sep 13, 2011 3:40 am

Quote :
Please not that this is all non-canonical (meaning, that it's not a real Star Wars group)

Now the Rebels and the Empire won't be lonely. A small group of Traitor Bothan Spies have been gathering information from Rebel Commander meetings and has create a new alliance, and alliance called the Exterial Alliance. The Exterial Alliance are the only ones so far who disagrees with the Rebel and the Imperial Laws, and are trying to end both groups. But can they succeed, or fail dramatically, just like those scrap Battle Droids did in 19 BBY.

Imperial and Rebel spies have worked together to find this information out, and has copied an early sketch of their Emblem: .

The group should finish getting enough troops soon.

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New Group Coming Soon
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