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 Grand Admiral Black

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Character Name : Black
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PostSubject: Grand Admiral Black   Wed Oct 05, 2011 7:23 am

Name: CJ3572
Nickname: Black
Rank: Grand Admiral/Leader of the Empire
Current Relationship: N/A
Appearance: Black Hair, Brown Eyes (as Red and Black), Yellow Eyes (as Dark Force Induced Black), Scars on right arm

Black once served as an ARF Commander whose favourite weapon was his fully customised chaingun. His nickname in the clonewars was Red. Black once used two chainguns at the same time, using them to take down an entire droid fleet, Black suffered muscle pains after the battle and had to stay out of battle for 5 weeks. After a scaring duel with General Grievous, he was given 4 scars on his right arm as his combat sheild wasn't strong enough to withstand all 4 of Grievous' blades, but he was promoted to leuitenant for 'Killing Grievous'. 3 Months later Grievous was found, and Black didn't actually manage to kill him, Grievous just lost all his limbs, which Darth Tyranus rebuilt. Seking revenge, Grievous went to behead Black, but Shaak Ti and Maris Brood blocked his lightsabers from touching Black. Frustrated, Grievous retreated to his ship.

Black's rank was raised to Captain when he saved Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano's lives from an ambush, inside a V-Wing, Black bombarded enemy troops with the ship's proton bombs. Black's jedi general, Pli Hakol, was later killed in Narr Shadaa, where 5 Magna Guards stabbed him with their electro-staffs then 50 Droidekas shot him repetivly. After that, Black commanded his ARF Troopers to destroy the droids, only loosing 3 of his men, Black succeded. Commander Cody raised Captain Black's rank to Commander, where he got his own squadron, calling it Fire Bird Squadron.

9 months later, Order 66 was issued, and Black was given commands to destroy the Jedi at their temple on Coruscant, Black and his troops rejected the request, and went to help the jedi, betrayed by his Brethren, Black was angered, thinking that he was the traitor, but Black still tried to protect the Jedi. Seeking Revenge, Black went to Palpatine's office to kill him, Palpatine told his guards to do whatever they can to capture Black. When Black entered the office, Palpatine's guards caught the Comander and took him to Palpatine himself. Enraged with Black's love to the Jedi, Palpatine totured Black, trying to force him to join the Empire, Black still refused, so Palpatine brainwashed the commander, renaming Black's nickname from Red, to Black.

During his work with the Galactic Empire, his rank was reset to rookie, so he couldn't remember about his ranks as a Clone in the Clone Wars. Black was also given Black armour, and a shotgun. Black was sent to a mission with the 501st legion to Naboo to destroy the newly elected Queen, who kept fugative Jedi in her palace. Black's captain was murdered by the Queen, so Black vowed to kill her twice. Black walked towards the palace, which was guarded by Particle Beam Turrets and 60 Jedi. Destroying them all, Black moved onto the Palace and place C4 Bombs all around the building. Luring the Queen out of the Palace, she was ambushed by Storm Troopers, the Queen had to choose to surrender, or die. Black detonated the C4 destroying the entire palace, and badly injuring the queen. A whole army of Jedi jumped out of the Palace to help the queen, but they all perished due to the 501st's bravery. With no help, the queen was shot repetivly by Black's shotgun. Black then hovered his dead captain's landing craft over her corpse, and turned the engine to full power, burning the queen's body.

Black went back to the Death Star, where the Emporer raised his rank to Admiral, and told him, if he had enough anger, one day he would become as strong as The Emporer. Black tried to control his anger, by destroying planets with the Death Star. The Emporer was pleased with his actions, and raised his rank to Grand Admiral. The Emporer said that once he died, Black will become the leader.

5 years after The Emporer's second death, the Emporer was reborn, and he told Black that it was his fault that the Emporer died twice, enraged, Black used force push, for the first ever time, on the Emporer, the Emporer then used force lightning on the Force Wielding Black, hoping that, that would destroy Black. Black used the force to hover Palpatine's lightsaber in front of him, and impaled the Emporer's own Saber, through his chest. The 3rd Emporer died, and Black rebuilt the empire, renaming it Black's Ultimate Empire (Shortened down as The New Empire, or The Empire). Even though the empire had no emporer, Black still classed it as an empire.

Black continued to train himself with the Force, destroying any jedi in his way. Black continously has flashbacks of Red in the Clone Wars, but Black just think that Red was just a random vision, but Red, was once Black. If Black ever finds out about his full past, he will return to the good side, but his Brethren erased that part of his memory, to stop Red from returning to the light side.


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Grand Admiral Black
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