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 Landing on Yavin 8

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Character Name : Black
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PostSubject: Landing on Yavin 8   Sat Oct 15, 2011 6:28 pm

"It's time to invade Yavin 8." Announced Black. "So get into your ships, now!" Most of the Pilots started going to Yavin 8. "You must stay and pilot this Star Destroyer. Remember to cloak it, we do not want to be spotted by the rebellion. If any frigates or cruisers come, hit all their critical systems, the rest of the troops in this ship will go into their ship, destroy their Auto-Turret Defense System, then de-activate their shields. Once they're out, fire at the edges of the hanger, that should de-activate the hhanger shield, sucking everyone in the hanger out into space. Then you fire at all the weak spots. Can you handle that?" Explained Black.
"Yes sir!" Saluted the pilot. Black got into his Stealth bomber, with some Storm Troopers, and went to Yavin 8. "It's not as green as I thought it'll be..." Said a trooper. "It don't look like much of a terrestrial planet." Black's ship landed at the command post.

"Sir, we've sent out some scouts to search for enemies, they said there aren't any life forms, of any kind." Explained a Captain. "Maybe they're hibernating?"
"Captain, that is stupid. Why would a plant go into hibernation? Expecially when all life forms on this planet were... Eradicated, centuries ago." Replied Black. "The longer we're here, the more oxegen we'll lose, as there aren't any plants to create Oxegen."
"Shall we get on with the invasion?" Asked the Captain.
"It's too easy for an invasion, I hope a Rebel army comes by." Said a Stormtrooper. "It's too boring without an attack of any kind. I'm surprised that the Rebel Scum didn't take this planet as their own."
"Urg!" Black screamed falling to floor.
"Sir's having another vision!" Shouted the Captain. "Where's the brain washers?"
"Here, sir." Said a Brain Washer.
'A weird Storm Trooper outfit, a chaingun, people calling him Red' Thought Black.
"He's thinking of his past again, quick, brain wash him!" Yelled the Captain.
"Done, sir." Replied a Brain Washer.
"What happened?" Asked Black.
"You hit yourself on the head." Answered the captain.
"We got to hurry up, or we'll lose all the oxygen, Captain" Said a Storm Trooper.

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Character Name : Norman Carvak
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PostSubject: Re: Landing on Yavin 8   Sun Oct 30, 2011 11:52 pm

Norman Carvak was busy locating the Exterial Alliance's secret bunker, when he was interrupted by a rebel. "Sir, we'v located Black, he's on Yavin 8."
"We need to get to Yavin 8, now. We need to speak to Black."
"Speak to Black, that's suicide!"
"Not if I tell him his truth."
"His Truth, sir? What is it?"
"He's been mind controlled by Palpatine, and keeps getting brainwashed whenever he has a vision of his past. He was one of the toughest ARF Troopers."
"Shall we head over to Yavin 8 then?"
"Of course."
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Landing on Yavin 8
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