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 List of Vehicles

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PostSubject: List of Vehicles   Tue Oct 25, 2011 6:29 am

GuestHello, Guest, Here you can buy Vehicles for use on your missions.

For The Empire:
AT-RCT (All Terrain Riot Control Transport)-500 Credits (2 Seats, Double Medium Sized Blaster Cannons [pilot], Suppression Cannons [co-pilot])
AT-ST (All Terrain Scout Transport)-350 Credits (2 Seats, Twin blaster Cannons [pilot and co-pilot], Concussion Grenade Launcher [co-pilot])
AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport)-1000 Credits (5 Seats, Heavy Laser Cannons [Pilot], Medium Repeating Turrets [Co-Pilot])

For The Rebellion:
Rebel hover tank-350 Credits (2 Seats, Blaster Rifles [pilot], Laser Turret [Gunner]
Rebel attack tank-1000 Credits (50 Seats, Turreted Concussion Grenade [pilot] Launchers, Heavy laser cannons [pilot+gunners], Medium blaster cannons [gunners])

For The Exterial Alliance:
T1-B hover tank-350 Credits (4 Seats, Laser Cannons [Pilot+Co Pilot], Flak Pods [Gunners])
A6 Juggernaut-1000 Credits (50 Seats, Rocket/Grenade Launchers [pilot], Twin Blaster Cannons [gunners], Heavy Laser Turrets [pilot+gunners]
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List of Vehicles
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