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Anialas Fett

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PostSubject: Most Wanted   Tue Nov 22, 2011 3:21 am

The current Most Wanted character is;

The bidders are:
Dead Rewards:

Black-500 Credits
Rebellion-2500 Credits

Alive Rewards:
Black-3000 Credits
Rebellion-3000 Credits

Be cautious too.

Once you complete the task, post the link to the topic you done it on and whether you kept them alive or not.

Once done, I'll get Lemonika to deduct the bidder credits, then she'll add the credits to the winning hunter.

Also, if someone spends your hard earned credits (for example, if I bid 50000 credits to kill someone, and then I spend too much so I have less than 50000 credits) I will get Lemonika to ban that user from Lemonika's shop, and I'll ban them from here, also Lemonika will give you double what they want. It sounds harsh, but they should have thought twice about spending your credits.
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Most Wanted
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